About Us

Founded in 1997, Busse Design USA is an Oakland and San Francisco based, full-service user interface design firm focusing on designing successful and easy to use interfaces for desktop, mobile and device applications and for websites.

We collaborate with our clients to create engaging user experience that is visually compelling and easy to use.  As you can see from the wide range of client projects in our portfolio, we embrace learning about new markets and technologies to help our clients create the best possible user experience for their users.

When taking on a new project, we immerse ourselves in the world of our client and their users, in order to understand both the goals of the business and the target audience. Our information architects and interaction designers then take on the structure and functions of our clients' products, and develop application or site maps, UI Sketches and Interaction Flows.  Once the structure has been defined and the user flows have been mapped out, our visual designers create a visually compelling and inviting look and feel for the site or application, by either working within your existing brand guidelines or by developing new ones.

We understand the importance of supporting our clients' processes, and ensuring our designs work with their technologies, which can range from legacy to emergent. Our process supports the methodologies required for quality system development and integration. Whether we work with a development partner or a client's in-house engineering team, we make sure the Busse Design process integrates seamlessly and collaboratively into the overall product development process.

Please contact us to discuss our time-tested process and our work in more detail.

Busse Design is a boutique size firm. We have made a conscious decision to remain small in size, taking on a limited number of projects at any one time. This strategy results in superior work by enabling our clients to always interact with senior information architects and designers. Our sister company Busse Design + Engineering GmbH was founded in 1959, and offers a full range of industrial design services. To learn more about their offerings, please visit the Busse Design + Engineering web site.

Busse Design takes on one pro bono project a year from Nonprofits.  Please contact us for more information.