Our passion is to help our customers create exceptional user experiences.

Founded in 1997, Busse Design USA is a Bay Area, full-service user experience design firm, specializing in device and SAAS applications. Our portfolio includes client projects from a wide array of markets. What ties each of these diverse projects together is our passion for creating highly usable and intuitive interfaces or experiences that users feel naturally comfortable engaging with.


We are only able to create great experiences if we take the time to investigate, and are courageous enough to take chances. It requires passion, vision and a never-ending sense of curiosity. It demands that we push the boundaries of what we know is possible. 
— Joy A. Busse, Director of User Experience

No two clients are alike, so we embrace the process of learning about new markets and technologies, gaining the insights that help our clients create the best possible user experiences for their customers. By immersing ourselves in our client’s world and their user’s needs, we’re able to understand the goals of both the business and the target audience, creating elegant solutions to complex usability and design challenges.

 We work in collaboration with our clients to understand the goals and needs of any given experience or product, so we can intuitively map out strategy, structure, functions and flow. Our team of talented experience and visual designers can dynamic and visually compelling design that will make your customers’ experience exceptional. We are equally comfortable working within existing brand guidelines or developing new ones. Our goal is to deliver work that wows.

 We understand the importance of supporting our clients' processes and ensuring that our designs work with their technologies. Our work supports the methodologies required for quality system development and integration. Whether we collaborate with a development partner or a client's in-house engineering team, we make sure the Busse Design process integrates seamlessly into the overall product development process.

 Busse Design is a boutique sized firm. We have made a conscious decision to remain small in size, taking on a limited number of projects at any one time. This strategy results in superior work by enabling our clients to get the full attention of senior information architects and designers. Our sister company Busse Design + Engineering GmbH was founded in 1959, and offers a full range of industrial design services. To learn more about their offerings, please visit the Busse Design + Engineering web site.

 We’d love to hear about your project! Please contact us for more information.

Joy Busse   CEO & Director of User Experience

Joy Busse

CEO & Director of User Experience

I am an experienced design leader, creative thinker and strategist with a proven track record of establishing, growing and transforming collaborative creative teams.

I have guided many businesses through transformative and evidence-based product design initiatives. As a manager, I have a solid track record of attracting and retaining top talent and nurturing my team's career growth paths.

I have a strong understanding of cross-media, cross-platform design systems, touch first, HCI principles and challenges. Passion for data, trends and understanding for the complete customer journey. Years of experience with component-based design that can be leveraged across business units.

I am an expert visual problem solver that can inspire teams to deliver beyond the expected.I founded Busse Design, in 1999 with a vision to build and support great products by helping to create intuitive user experiences that enhance, support and maximize underlying technologies for software and hardware products. 

As CEO and Director of User Experience, I not only oversaw the business and marketing aspects, but also directed all aspects of our client project development processes. 

I understand what it takes to help attract and foster top talent dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences. I am a passionate, empathic data nerd who can effectively collaborate with product management and engineering to strike the perfect balance between addressing customer needs, marketing and engineering requirements. I have a proven track record of creating great user experiences that are delivered on time and on budget.

The array of products and projects I have in my portfolio, such as medical devices, TVs, desktop computers, mobile apps and the like, display my ability to create the successful symbiosis between humans, technology, information, and design. 

During my time as acting CEO for BUSSE Design+Engineering in 2002, one of Germany’s largest product and industrial design companies, I developed a business strategy, restructured the team and modernized business processes. This helped the company overcome the economic downturn and once again become a profitable business with 55+ employees. 

In April of 2018 I joined Autodesk in the role of Senior Principal User Experience Designer and was asked to lead the DPE Access-Manage UX team as acting Director in September. During these past months I was able to help transform a slow producing, non-collaborative group of employees into an enthusiastic highly collaborative team of 13 UX/Visual designers and researchers, who can effectively initiate and drive customer focused projects for Autodesk.