• The Revolution Will Be Designed Responsively

    The world of web design is evolving in leaps and bounds, and designers continue to inspire us with their creative ingenuity. Some creative trends come and go–others become the new standards of web design, shifting the industry permanently and for the better. Flat design, white space, flexible typography, cards, more videos, larger graphics, responsive design- these are are some of the trends we’ve seen gaining speed in 2015, over multiple platforms. It’s hard to predict which of these new trends are fads and which will stick around, but with mobile users predicted to surpass desktop users this year, one thing is for certain- the philosophies behind responsive design are here to stay. Today’s responsive design allows your interface to adapt to any screen size or... read more
  • Client Spotlight

    Castlight Health
    Council on Accreditation
    Instart Logic
    Top Down Systems