Instart Logic


Website Development Collaboration with 1185 Design

Instart Logic was in the process of redesigning their website when they approached us with a unique technical challenge: Set up a Drupal Content Management System that makes use of their CDN technology for quickly loading high quality images, while still allowing their Marketing department to easily update the site’s content in Drupal.

We worked very closely with the client and their design agency of record, 1185, to get an understanding of the new site design and the required functionality.  The design required several large animated images in a homepage slider. Time to first byte (or how quickly a web server responds to a request) was critical. While site design questions were being worked out, Busse Design developed a prototype of the rotating image functionality on the homepage.  The prototype enabled the client and the design team to understand technical trade-offs with specific design choices and guided the team to a more feasible homepage design that met the objectives.


We further collaborated with 1185 to refine the responsive web design for tablet and mobile screen sizes.  Our collaboration ensured that the website’s design adjusted in such a way that future changes to the design will inherit the responsiveness and the code is easily maintainable.

At the end of the project, Busse Design provided Instart Logic with a user guide and an educational session on how to update their particular implementation of Drupal.


After the softlaunch last Friday, this morning the new website went live and is now attracting curious eyes and traffic, including our competition. Hereby we want to thank the Busse Design team for the outstanding job on the development and making this website a reality, including implementing the crazy “never-been-there-before” design ideas and meeting our project timeline.

I want to thank, in particular, Werner for making the impossible possible. This site was a complex beast with a short implementation timeline. I appreciate that Werner joined in early in the project with advice, always thinking ahead — while at the same time keeping a keen eye on the launch deadline. We could not have done this without him!

We really enjoyed working with Busse Design, and would recommend you guys anytime.
— Corinna Krueger, Head of Corporate Marketing, Instart Logic