Tableau Public


Creating the Public Tableau Experience

Tableau Software, innovators in visualizing data analytics, contacted Busse Design to help them promote and design their new desktop product, Tableau Public. Tableau Public allows users to create and publish visualizations ( "vizes" ) to the web where others can manipulate data views and reports, and repost them, encouraging viral sharing of these unique data views.

Busse Design's challenge was to optimize the interface so that both power users and novices could easily publish their vizes and interact with those created by other users. We achieved this by simplifying the workflow and visually prioritizing user actions on each screen. Finally, we updated the Tableau Public landing page at to showcase the product's range of possibilities. 

Busse was a perfect fit for our new product launch. They took the time to understand what we needed, had just the right amount of project management, and gave us a sweet homepage and website design. They’re very strong on both interaction design and pure visual design, which can be hard to find in a design firm.
— Ellie Fields, Director of Product Marketing, Tableau Software