10 Questions you should ask yourself to determine if your product needs an upgrade

If you are reading this and already wondering if your product could use a User Experience upgrade, the answer is probably YES! However, if you are still not sure, these 10 simple questions might also help you convince the rest of your team.

  1. Are your support requests increasing, is your signup rate dropping or are you losing customers to the competition?
  2. Are you continuously adding new features and functions, but few are actually utilized because your product now closely resembles the Winchester Mystery House?
  3. Did your users' goals change and is your product unable to address these changes?
  4. Is your product utilizing the latest technologies to simplify the ways your audience interacts with your product? 
  5. Is your product accessible by your customers' most commonly used devices?
  6. Do interaction models flow seamlessly from one device to the next, or do your customers have to relearn your product for each device?
  7. Does your sales team constantly refer to the superior design of your competitor's product?
  8. Does your sales presentation look different from your actual product, because most of the team is embarrassed about the real product UX?
  9. Does your company have a hard time keeping developers and designers, or any other professional talent, because your product is just not cool enough?
  10. Do you sometimes feel like you are not being paid enough to deal with "THIS PRODUCT?"

If you answered YES, to three or more of the questions above, you should probably contact us right now.