Condusiv Technologies


Optimizing Storage Performance

Condusiv Technologies the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions, engaged Busse Design to help them design a centralized control center (called the CMC) that would allow their customers to manage all of their systems that have Condusiv software installed.

During the Discovery process, we conducted Contextual Inquiries with existing users of Condusiv’s products.  We wanted to suss out customers’ needs in managing their current systems, understand the challenges they were facing with Condusiv’s products, and get a better understanding of other products they use in managing their networks.

An important finding from the inquiries showed that users needed to be able to easily visualize their environments, and quickly access the areas that needed attention. We addressed this by developing a dashboard that called out overall system alerts and statuses, as well as displaying status snapshot for each of the Condusiv products. Further, we added an “environment” global navigation item, allowing the user to access a tree listing of their environment with a single click.

Ultimately, we defined several user flows, including installation, user management, and alert setup; and we applied visual design to the application to highlight its areas of importance, while ensuring it doesn’t become overwhelming with information.